howto contact President Obama

How To Contact President Obama

Written by   (author of Obvious Conclusions)  |  Date Updated: August 27, 2020

contacting Barack ObamaIn this article, I will tell you how to contact President Obama.

You can contact President Barack Obama in many ways. I will let you know the president Obama email address so that you can email president Barack Obama and also give you other ways to contact president Obama.

It would be fair to say that without the Internet Barack Obama would not have been  President of the United States. He leveraged the medium of the Internet to organize his campaign, gather contributions, rally his base, convey his ideas, and gain many new supporters. These Internet activities ushered him into the Whitehouse.

His methods worked — I voted for him in both 2008 and 2012.

When we look at how to contact president Obama, the Internet is the most logical conclusion; however, it is not the only option.

In this article, we will look at all of the various ways that you can contact President Barack Obama.

And be sure to read the comments below. You will surely be surprised by the passion — I might say venom in many cases— that some are willing to share regarding Obama.

Email President Barack Obama

The best way to get in touch with President Barack Obama is through email, but not in the traditional sense.

When President, everyone could email Barack Obama using the general presidential email address which is as follows:  However, for some reason we elected Donald Trump and he may now be the recipient of any email sent to that address.

Since Barack Obama left office, the method of contacting him has changed.  He manages his Internet presence at the following site:

And this happens to be the best place to contact him. On this site, you will see a contact link on the front page that leads you to this form:



Does Barack Obama Read His Emails?

Obviously, President Obama cannot read every email sent to him as the number of communications received each week is staggering–there are reportedly hundreds of thousands of correspondence sent to the President each week.

However, President Obama did read 10 letters everyday during his presidency.  As you see in the video below, the amount of information received is tremendous and there is a staff dedicated to delivering the President the most representative of these letters each week.

Sample Correspondence with President Obama…


A sample email to Barack Obama how the Affordable Care Act and the Recovery Act directly impacted lives.

How To Contact President Obama by Mail

Email is not the only way to contact the President. You can also send mail the old fashioned way…in a letter or postcard.

Obviously, there is no character limitation this way so you can say whatever you want to say with no limits.

The address to contact President Barack Obama is:

Office of Barack and Michelle Obama
P.O. Box 91000
Washington, DC 20066

Based on the video above, the President was reading what looked like a lot of standard mail. So, perhaps your best chances of contacting the President rest in the old-fashioned type of snail mail rather than an email message. That is just speculation and I have no way of confirming that.

Contacting Barack Obama on Social Media

Barack Obama was always a savvy social media navigator and that continues to this day.

While we can assume others run his Internet properties on a day-to-day basis, I’m sure we can also assume he makes personal contributions and reads a handful of contribtions from the public.

So, if you wish to contact President Obama via social media, he can be found at the following social media locations: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram.

How To Contact President Obama: Summary

Barack Obama has always embraced technology and now uses his web and social media sites as his primary means of communication.

For direction communication with Barack Obama, he prefers you use this form on his website.  This apparently is also a way to contact Michelle Obama as the site states that it represents “The Office of Barack and Michelle Obama”.

Other means of communications include his social media properties and physical address listed above.

So, you can definitely communicate with Barack Obama, but will he read what you write?

My hypothesis, which is based on pure speculation, would be to send a hand-written letter with pictures to have the best chance of Barack Obama reading your correspondence.

Will he communicate back?  Most of us would probably not receive a direct response but I do imagine that he still reads at least 10 emails a day as he did before.

Hope this article helped…good luck contacting Barack Obama.

Cheers, Richard


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Richard CummingsHow To Contact President Obama

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  1. D. Webber

    Just wow on the nasty comments. but, I’d rather have a intelligent, thoughtful, funny, skinny kid
    who was born in the United States, oh, say Hawaii for president again, than the current family of grifters and pretenders who currently infects the White House. Burn all the furniture and bedding, rugs, pencils, and the t.v. remotes and throw all the dishes when they leave. A Total cleansing and purification is an absolute necessity here!

  2. Pat Digristine

    Obama who do you think you are. You are the worse President we have ever had, President Trump is the best President we have had for a long time. You let our boys get beheaded, 5 Navy Seals and a Senator got murdered and you did nothing. You golf and went on vacation. You did nothing for your people and you brought the races further apart. Every time something had you would convict the Police before you even knew what happened. You don’t have the right to condemn President Trump, he is doing a wonderful job and he cares about all lives. He cares about Americans and America. We don’t need 4 more years of your hating party. You left us with that terrible Obamanation insurance. You are stealing from Americans. My children have to pay so much for that insurance and they have an $8,000 deductible, a disgrace. You are all so afraid, because you know President Trump is going to be elected again. Thank God, and of yeah, we can say God again, no thanks to you. Your don’t have the right to talk about another President like you and your wife does. You are just as hating as the rest of your party.

  3. Sherry

    This is not just a campaign, it is a war for this country and the Dens are sleeping. Get rid of Dejoy and get the post office working before Russia takes over. T said what he is doing but nobody takes is seriously. Fight for the country or lose it.

  4. DW Haumesser

    Thanks for this information, Richard! I`ve always tried to contact President Obama to wish him a happy birthday, but never knew he had a personal website…thanks again! This old man appreciates it!

  5. Jane


  6. Take a wild guess

    What’s the matter Obama? Are you afraid of what real people have to say? You are NO LONGER president. Thank God!! Keep your communist mouth shut. I reminded the PRESIDENT of your sell of military Weapons to Criminal Mexican Drug Cartels. The use of those weapons by criminals have cost thousands upon thousands of innocent lives. This makes you and Alzheimer’s Joe guilty of Mass MURDER. Your time before a Republican judge is coming rapidly.
    You need to round up your communist party and move the entire bunch to your homeland, Communist China!
    Think about this, there are over 400 million guns in the hands of law abiding conservatives, Christians and people of every color. The U.S. Military (whom you tried to gut) is conservative and Christian. Then there are the over 22 million military trained veterans against your communist party too. The vast majority of law enforcement are conservatives and totally against your freedom grabbing communist party. So you see Obama, your days are numbered as a free citizen of the United States.
    I pray I get to witness the treason and murder trials of you, Biden and your entire communist party.
    You don’t stand a chance of making our free country into a slave communist nation. You think your ancestors had it bad. (They did.) But that will be nothing compared to the slavery in a communist country. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Read history! Find out what you and Crazy Nancy’s communist party are wishing on the CITIZENS of the United States. I’ve been to a few communist countries and have witnessed the lives of the average communist slave.
    Your time to leave is now. Take your family and every member of your communist party and leave at once. There might be one alternative. Move your communist party to Commifornia, Nevada and Oregon. Pack them in like saddens in a tin can if you must but get the heck out of MY free nation. None of you are welcome here. Your criminal party has demonstrated their blatant disregard for law and common sense. To view this turn on any communist news cast or go to any communist social media site. The damning evidence will be blaring in your face.
    By the way, I’m sending a copy of this to PRESIDENT TRUMP and AG William Barr. It’s a little reminder of your sorted past. Mr. “Give it all away” Obama.

  7. Richard A Galeotti

    Good evening Sir as tragic asMr Floyd’s death is what’s even more tragic is the 39 shot 10 killed in Chicago and the 191 black men killed by other black me since 1/2/20 to 5/31/20 Please Sir tell me who decides which black life is important how can u protest and never one mention the deaths of young black men by other black men when u as a Africa America so blindly look the other way while this goes on everyday so who will mourn the young black men who will be killed in the coming months You I know in 2020 all white men are racist then I guess your 8 years as president were worthless and you did nothing to 1 stop black on black gun violence or thy and unify us Also can you please show me on what page in the justice department report on Ferguson we’re the young man was shot with his hand up is on I’ve read the report several times still haven’t found it thank you

    1. Richard

      I wasn’t sure what the point of this comment was and then became fascinated by the fact the it lacks a period anywhere. It’s one big run on thought (not sentence because there’s no “.”)…so run right along now…off you go.

  8. dean decastro

    you talk bad about president trump, but your a fake evil disgusting person who couldn’t lead an ant colony in the right direction.. you presidency weakened America , killed babies killed families promoted gaydom transvestites etc,, your so bad you make the witch doctor look like a god sent prophet.. your empty worthless profound remarks are laughable.. no matter what happens to this country not one spec of your words opinion or direction represented me and many others, George bush was wrong it wasn’t leaders in the middle east that were a major threat to constitutional god fearing life, it was weirdos like you in high government places they should take down all the street signs named after you and give you a salem witch trial instead

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