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In this Gmail Outlook article, we are going to take a look at How To Use Outlook With Gmail.

When it comes to this topic, people want to know two things: First, people want to know how to view their Gmail within their Outlook interface. Second, people want to know how to do just the reverse: View their Outlook mail within Gmail. This article addresses the first method: Viewing your Gmail account within Outlook using the IMAP protocol. (Techie Note: The IMAP protocol is better than the other option–POP–because it is much more efficient. However, if you want to view your messages offline, when you are not connected to the Internet, you would want to choose POP.)

Ideally, we could have just one email that we use for everything. But since it is not an ideal world, almost all of us have a minimum of two email accounts and probably more. I know, for myself, I have a work email, a personal email, an email that I use when I subscribe to something (because I don’t want my personal email besieged by solictors), and an email that I use for financial transactions. Thus, for me, I have four email accounts and I am sure that you have at least two and maybe more than four.

So, how do most people access their disparate emails? Well, most people go the old fashioned way. When they want to use their work email, they bring up their Outlook client. Then, when they want to check into their personal accounts like Gmail, they visit to view their respective personal email accounts.

But wouldn’t it be nice if you could just have one place to look at your email accounts?

Well, fortunately you can. In fact, you can use either Outlook or Gmail as the method to view your professional and personal email accounts.

Most people prefer to use Outlook to manage their mail so we will look at how to view your Gmail within your Outlook client.

How to View Gmail Messages Within Outlook

The configuration that most people are interested in is how to view your Gmail messages within Outlook. Since you probably are using Microsoft Outlook all day, it would be nice to receive your personal messages there as well. It would make Outlook a happier place to be as well…not 100% work related.

How do we do this? It is not that difficult to learn how to access Gmail through Outlook. In fact, you can accomplish this in about 3 easy steps and it should take no more than a few minutes.

Here we go:

outlook gmail imap step 1In step 1, we need to enable something called IMAP within Gmail. IMAP is a protocol that allows us to view our Gmail within Outlook. To do this, visit the page entitled How To Enable IMAP in Gmail (opens in a new window).

adding gmail to outlook step 2After step 1, we are done on the Gmail side. Now, we need to setup access to Gmail within Outlook. To, begin go into Outlook and choose Tools | Email Accounts then click the button at the top that says Add a New E-mail Account and click the next button. On the next screen, you will choose IMAP and then click next.

Now, we have arrived at the main configuration screen. You should fill in the information just like I have depicted in the graphic below. Where it says yourname, you obviously want to substitute your name in the place. Otherwise, the settings should be exactly depicted.

gmail imap settings within outlook

Now, click the More Settings button and select the Outgoing Server Tab. Configure this window exactly like the photo below..

Gmail Outlook Outgoing Server Settings

Now, click Advanced tab and configure your settings exactly as you see below:

Outlook advanced settings for gmail

adding gmail to outlook step 3Now, simply click OK, Next, then Finish. After you select Finish, you may see a “Fetching Headers” box appear for a bit on your screen as you see below. This is simply Outlook and Gmail performing updates with one another.

outlook fetching headers from gmail

And, voila!, you are done. You can now view Gmail messages from within your Outlook and also send messages from your Gmail address within Outlook. To do all of this, simply look to the left side of your screen and you will see the Gmail information similar to the photo below:

viewing your gmail messages within outlook

Not so difficult afterall, huh?

How to View Gmail Messages In Outlook: How To Videos

While some people prefer the textual instructions above, others prefer videos. We just want to show you how to do it so we bring you all sorts of ways. Below, you will find the best videos on how to view your Gmail account within Outlook. Simply click the link to launch the video in its own window.

Configuring IMAP in Outlook 2003

This is a short, but sweet video and is the best video out there on how to configure Outlook 2003 to view your Gmail messages using the IMAP protocol. This video lasts just under 2 minutes and mimics the instructions given above in video format.

Configuring IMAP for Outlook 2007

This video is for configuring Gmail to work with Outlook 2007 using the IMAP protocol. This video is not good because it does not have sound (there are no good videos with sound on this topic). However, since the instructions provided above are for Outlook 2003, I wanted to add this for the Outlook 2007 folks. For good screenshots of the Outlook 2007 windows, I would recommend this page instead. It’s not a video but it provides detailed information for the Outlook 2007 folks.

Configuring Gmail to Work with Outlook: Summary

We all have too many emails and checking all of these emails is a burden. If you use Outlook for your work email, you can also use Outlook to view your other personal emails, like Gmail.

In this article Gmail Outlook, article, we have illustrated how to view your Gmail account within Outlook. The process is fairly simple and should take you no more than 10 minutes to setup.

This article is part of our ever-expanding how to Google series which covers many topics including How To Download YouTube Videos, an article that many people have put to good use.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to add them in the comments section below.

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