How To Make Turkey Burgers

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This page is dedicated to How To Make Turkey Burgers and Turkey Burger Recipes.

We have historically been a nation of hamburger eaters.  However, as we have learned more about health over the yeas, Low Fat Turkey Burgers have become a hamburger substitute for many people.  Turkey Burger Nutrition edges out the meager health benefits of the hamburger and thus Turkey Burgers have become a mainstay on our dietary plate.

On this How To Make Turkey Burgers page, we will bring you great how to videos on cooking turkey burgers as well as present some great websites where you can find Turkey Burger recipes.

I remember the first time that I tried a Turkey Burger.  I wanted a hamburger but my girlfriend wanted a Turkey Burger.  After the first bite, I was “consumed”.

Turkey Burgers are really great and they don’t taste “low-fat” even though they are.

Enjoy this page dedicated to the new, the fashionable, and the nutritionally sound Turkey Burger  🙂

How To Make Turkey Burgers Videos

Below, you will find all of the best Internet videos on Cooking Turkey Burgers. Simply click the links to launch the video in its own window. Enjoy the shows!

How To Make Mini Maple Turkey Burgers

In this video, approximately 5 minutes, Alicia walks you through how to make Mini Maple Turkey Burgers and gives this turkey burger recipe. Alicia presents all the steps necessary to make amazing Turkey Burgers as the main cours

Healthy Recipes – How to Make Turkey Burger Patties

In this 2 minute video from, Nutrition expert Tracee Brenner walks you through how to make a heart healthy Turkey Burger. This video is short but very informative and perhaps one of the best How To Make Turkey Burgers videos that we could find.

Turkey Burger with Chef Sanjay

In this 8 minute video, Chef Sanjay walks us through the process of cooking a turkey burger. Here, we have the luxurious Turkey Burger filled with wonderful spices. If you want bland, look elsewhere. This Turkey Burger is filled with spicy wonder!

Turkey Burgers with Sarah Carey

In this 2 minute video, Sarah Carey walks us through how to make a Turkey Burger her way–better. As we mentioned earlier, Turkey Burger Nutrition exceeds that of a regular burger because it’s lean and less fatty. In this video, we learn how to turn traditionally dry turkey into a moist delight.

How To Make Turkey Burgers And Sweet Potato Fries

This is not a professional video but it’s fun. It’s made by “College Kitchen” and shows us plainly how to make a turkey burger and top it off with Sweet Potato Fries. If you like a happy chef, Fullofsmilez (the chef) is a joy to watch!

Cooking Turkey Burger Articles

We realize that many of you like to read and print what you are going to make. Thus, we bring you delicious low fat Turkey Burgers in print. Here are some of the finest text-based articles on making Turkey burgers.
How to Make Delicious Turkey Burgers: eHow brings us this detailed article on how to make Turkey Burgers that you will surely enjoy. They give us the detailed instructions including what type of meat to buy.

How to Make a Turkey Burger Sandwich: This article presents in a step-by-step manner cooking turkey burger sandwiches including blending in an egg and adding breadcrumbs and croutons.

Food Tips: Build a good turkey burger: One of the problems with Turkey Burgers is moisture. Unlike a hamburger, Turkey Burger Nutrition is much better for us but it makes the Turkey Burger dry. This article presents techniques to add moisture to your Turkey Burger. Hint–a little balsamic vinegar.

Turkey Burger Recipes

For our How To Make Turkey Burgers page, we are throwing in a bonus: Turkey Burger Recipes. Here, we present you with 7 great Turkey Burger Recipes:

  1. Spicy Chipotle Turkey Burgers
  2. Actually Delicious Turkey Burgers
  3. Seasoned Turkey Burgers
  4. Feta Cheese Turkey Burgers
  5. Turkey Burgers with Brie, Cranberries, and Fresh Rosemary
  6. Cumin Turkey Burgers
  7. French Turkey Burgers

We think that one of these Turkey Burger recipes will tempt your palette!

How To Make Turkey Burgers: Summary

We hope that you have enjoyed these videos on How to Make Turkey Burgers and the links to the Turkey Burger Recipes.

Low Fat Turkey Burgers are a healthy alternatives to hamburgers and taste great.

We hope that we have provided you with the Turkey Burger recipes and the cooking know-how to make great Turkey Burgers.

If you would like to add suggestions or videos to this page, simply place them in the comments below!

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