How Do I Save YouTube Videos On My Computer

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It´s asked time and again: ¨How Do I Save YouTube Videos On My Computer?¨  In this article, we will walk you through how to download YouTube videos to your computer so that you can have them stored locally on your hardrive.

Since is owned by Google, this document is part of our how to Google series which you may enjoy to learn about all that Google has to offer and how to use their various and awesome products, like Google Earth.

When we look at how to download YouTube videos, we can find many resources available on the Internet that claim to provide this functionality. Unfortunately, many of them either do not work or they are trying to sell us software in a round about kind of way. But our goal is to learn how to download videos for free so that we can have them with us on the go–perhaps on our iPod or iPhone–and then we will have access to these videos basically whenever we want.

(Before performing these tasks, you will want to make sure that it is legal for you–that you have the legal rights–to download the video.)

As I said, when I was looking to learn how to save YouTube video, I came across a number of applications that purported to do this. I have listed many of them in the bottom of this article.

However, I wanted an application that was easy to use and allowed me to save YouTube videos and then place them on my iPod for further playback.

The one application that excelled at all of these features is called, appropriately enough, the YouTube downloader.

So, let’s take a look at how easy it use this application.

How To Save YouTube Video Using the YouTube Downloader

Step 1: Download the YouTube Downloader. This will download the application to allow you to capture youtube videos. The file downloads as an .exe file of about 3MB so it should download very quickly. Then, simply double click the file to install it and you will receive an installation window that looks like the one below:

downloading youtube videos

As you look at the graphic, you will see that it will set Yahoo as your default search engine. However, my guess is that you are probably a user so you may want to uncheck this choice.

The other option allows you to add a toolbar so you can have quicker access to the application and the downloading of YouTube videos to your computer. I did not check this choice just because I did not want my browser Firefox–easily the best Internet browser–to be polluted more than it already is.

So, after you make these choices, you are now officially ready to answer your question of how do i save YouTube videos on my computer?

This application is so easy and does exactly what I wanted it to do: download YouTube files and convert them to a format that I like.

So, to begin, go to Start | All Programs | YouTube Downloader | {and select} YouTube Downloader (I don’t know why they give us so many choices here.)

With the application open, visit YouTube and choose a video that you would like to download (again, make sure it is legal for you to do so) and then return to the application. You will notice that the application knows that you visited YouTube and places the URL of the video in the box as you see below:

how to save YouTube video using YouTube Downloader

As you can see, the YouTube video downloading happens very fast. For most of you on a reasonable Internet connection, the download will finish before you have finished watching the YouTube video.

Now you have downloaded a video from YouTube and it will probably be in a format called MP4. The size of this file, if you downloaded a song, will probably be in the neighborhood of 5-25MB.

Now, you can answer the question how do i download videos from YouTube? because you have just learned how to do it.

But, can you play this MP4 file on your iPod? Well, you probably can but this YouTube file is not optimized for your iPod. It is better to convert the YouTube file from MP4 format to .mov format for your iPod. This will shrink the file and make it more playable on your iPod.

And this is the other arena in which the YouTube Downloader excels: converting YouTube video files and it is very easy to do.

As we see in the photo below, simply launch the YouTube Downloader and select “Convert Video”. Then, in the Select Video file box, choose the source video and then in the Convert to box, select iPod video. And, voila, in a matter of less than a minute, you have YouTube video that you can play on your iPod.

play a youtube video on iPod

How To Download YouTube Videos: Conclusion

As you can see, the YouTube Downloader makes it very easy to download videos from YouTube and convert them into a format that you can then put YouTube videos on your iPod.

There are other programs that do this as well but I did not have good experiences with them. When I wanted to know how do i save YouTube videos on my computer? the YouTube Downloader was the best answer. If you would like to experience these other programs which teach you how to save YouTube video, I have included a list of them below in the appendix section.

How to Save YouTube Videos: A List of Programs, Appendix This is the first entry that came up when I wanted to know how to save YouTube files to my computer. However, it did not work as it resulted in “file not found” errors AND it had ads all over the place. was the second choice offered by Google to download YouTube videos to your computer but it suffered the same limitations as mentioned above. The idea of is very cool–they provide a toolbar utility that allows you to save any streaming video that you want. But again, the site was filled with advertisements and I received a lot of video not found messages. Thus, did not work well. This third entry provided by Google was worst than the first two. was not even available and reported this message: “This account has been suspended. Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources.”

After having tried several of these sites, I decided to stick with the YouTube Downloader because it is the best way to download YouTube videos to your computer!

One further note: Those who enjoyed this page have also frequently visited the pages copy DVD to hard drive and how to copy a DVD to learn how to have their movies accessible at all times.

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Richard CummingsHow Do I Save YouTube Videos On My Computer

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  1. download youtube

    Youtube recently change its storage scripts and therefore a lot of online website download tools become invalid to download the videos from youtube. The previous script, which direct pull videos from youtube to users ( which Youtube banned now for most online download tools like mine and or is no longer work.

    I was using another video download script to cope with youtube changes in last 2 days. but the script cause heavy traffic to my site, which is 140GB in past 2 days , that’s why you saw the message “the account is suspended”

    Now I have modified the scripts again which require Java2 JRE plugin and run. So now it back to normal and would not cause heavy traffic to me.

    Hope it clarify your doubt and negative comment.

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