How Do You Download Songs Onto An Ipod

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Apple’s iPods are consistently among the best mp3 players and so it is not surprising that many people want to know How Do You Download Songs Onto An Ipod?

On this page, we provide you with free, instructional videos which will answer the many questions that you have:  how do you transfer music to an ipod?, how do you download songs onto an ipod nano?, how to put music on an ipod?, how do you download music to an ipod? Our visitors ask the question in multiple ways but the bottom line is that everybody want to transfer their music collection to their iPod.

It is not difficult to transfer music to an iPod but if you have never done it before, you will need some instruction the first time.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.  The following videos will teach you how to put music on an ipod.  These videos are not iPod specific….the process is the same for all iPods.

How Do You Download Songs Onto An Ipod: Video Instructions

Below, you will find all of the best Internet videos on how do you transfer music to an ipod. Simply click the links to launch the video in its own window. Enjoy the shows!

Downloading Music & Video to Your iPod

We have placed this video at #1 because it comes from the source: Apple Computer. Apple makes both the iPod and iTunes so they can tell you how to put music on an ipod. This video will teach you how to install iTunes, transfer music from your CD to iTunes, and then place all of your great music onto your iPod. Remember, if you want to buy new music, iTunes is not your only option. Amazon offers mp3 downloads often at a better price with great selection.

How To Put Your First Song On Your iPod

This great video from VideoJug walks you through getting started with your new iPod. This video answers the question how do you download music to an ipod? as it walks you through the process of putting your first song onto an iPod.

How To Auto- Sync Your iPod

Are you going to want to put music on your iPod manually? No. Videojug bring you a great and quick video on how to synch your music with your iPod automatically. Why do it manually? Watch this video now to automate the process of putting music on your iPod.

How To Get Music Onto An iPod From The Internet

When you consider how to transfer music to your iPod, you will quickly realize that you have music in many places. You probably have music on your computer in mp3 form; you have music on CDs, and maybe even tapes. But where is your new music going to come from? Probably, the internet. This great video from VideoJug illustrates how to put music onto an iPod from the Internet.

How to Download Songs Onto an iPod

In this video from Expert Village, Tod Amazeen, a renowned Internet Consultant, walks you through the process of how to download songs onto an iPod. This tips on putting music on an iPod will have you up and running with your new iPod quickly and efficiently.

How to Load MP3s to an iPod

In this up tempo video from Video Village, we find out how to load mp3s onto our iPod from Rokosz, a “digital lifestyle expert”. This is high energy individual and we think that you will really enjoy this video. Highly recommended for entertainment value alone 🙂

How to Add Songs From a CD to an iPod

Again, we have our “digital lifestyle expert” Rokosz. Here he teaches us how to go from CD to iPod. With most of us, our song collection is stored in CD format and this video teaches us how to transfer music from CD to iPod. Very informative video that you will learn from.

How To Put Music On An Ipod: Summary

In the videos above, we have brought you video instructions on the How Do You Download Songs Onto An Ipod.

Hopefully, these videos have assisted you in the process of downloading music to your iPod. It’s not a difficult process once you get accustomed to it but it can be a little difficult at first.

We hope that you have found these videos helpful. If you would like to add any video links about transferring music to your iPod, please submit them in the comments below.

PS: Want great music for your iPod? Check out the latest Top Ten Songs and the Top Rap Songs of the day!

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