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How To Be Scene [New 2020 Edition]

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How To Be SceneThis page is all about how to be scene. We take a look at how to be a scene girl or boy with scene photos, videos, fashion, and reactions to scene kids. It’s the ultimate scene kidz page!

First, let’s come up with a definition of the term scene kids. We are all familiar with the term scene–the music scene, the party scene, the fashion scene, etc, but there is a specific term for a look and style used today by kids and this term is “scene kid”.

What is this particular look and style?

Well, we could start out with explanations, but pictures speak volumes. So, let’s have a look at pictures of scene girls and boys. After all, if you want to know how to be scene, you have to look at scene to know what you want to be!

Pictures of Scene Girls

Here are 6 photos of what scene girls look like:

photo of scene girlteased hairstyle of teen girlteen girl look
a hot scene modelscene girl lookhot school scene girl

The Scene Girl Look: Explanation

The pictures tell the story about how to look like a scene girl.

First, the hair. Many people claim that scene girls can be identified by shorter hair, but this is not necessarily the case. Scene hair can be of any length but what stands out about scene hair is that, like many scene characteristics, it is unique. As we see in the pictures, scene hair is often highlighted by color and very teased and tossed. Scene girls will also often add something to their hair like a bow or a headband.

After the hair, we notice the scene makeup. A part of learning how to be scene is your choice of makeup. Scene girls are often identified by their bright, colorful makeup combined with a traditional type of black or blue eyeliner.

You won’t often see the eyes of a scene girl because they will be hidden behind a pair of BIG glasses, which are common with the scene fashion. Scene fashions very quite a bit but are usually characterized by the use of lots of colors and tight, skinny jeans.

Like the hair and clothes, the jewelry worn by scene kids is meant to be scene. With daring colors and sizes, scene jewelry often stands out and is oversized.

Body piercings are also acceptable and often applauded in the “scene” scene.

As you can see by now, scene kidz are not goth at all. They bright and daring and, though they will claim that they are not trying to noticed, you will notice them.

For more on how to scene fashion techniques, see the list of videos below.

Pictures of Scene Boys

If you want to be know how to be a scene boy, check out the looks below in these photos of scene boys:

photo of scene boyhot scene guyscene guy hairstyle

The Scene Boy Look: Explanation

If there is one thing that characterizes a scene boy hair cut, it is the bangs. Scene boys loves bangs and often these bangs cover the eyes or a portion of the face.

Like the girls, scene boy hair is often teased and tossed. This often leads to an androgynous look, a very common look among the scene boys.

To add to the similarities between scene boys and girls, each of them wear tight jeans. In fact, the scene boys will sometimes buy girls jeans to accomplish this.

Likewise, the teen boys will use makeup and often have piercings, especially lip piercings.

Many girls think that there is nothing hotter than a well-done scene boy. To learn more about how to be a true scene boy, check out the videos below.

How to Be Scene: Beyond Appearance

One thing is for sure: Being scene is much more than a look.

Scene kids have a certain attitude and method of speaking which is a critical component of how to be scene. You will see this expressed in various locales. The music and and social networking scenes are very popular with scene kids.

The Scene Kid Attitude

First, let’s look at the attitude.

Unlike many of their rebellious cultural counterparts, scene kids are not dark and rude people. They are always bright, with their colors often matching their disposition. It is not always “scene” cool to be critical of everybody.

This makes new scene kids extra-cool. People, especially adults, will often criticize scene kids for their look, but the new scene cool kids don’t feel the need to return the fire. They like who they are and how they look.

Of course, every person in every movement is not similar and there are defensive scene kids who fight others, but this is becoming less and less as scene kids are comfortable with who they are.

Scene Kid Speak: How Scene Kids Use Language

Scene kids have taken the English language to new horizons.

With contrived misspellings and expressions, they have a scene language all their own. This is why you will often see the term scene kidz or scene kidss instead of scene kids.

The first thing about scene lingo is the adding of letters to the end of words. To be a cool scene kidd, you do not want to overdo this–trying to be “over scene” will quickly identify your rookie status.

You will also need to update yourself on the scene lingo. Find out what acronyms like SxE, HxC and many more mean by surfing the net and finding lists.

But, to be an uber-cool scene kid, make up your own lingo. If you do it right, you can be the originator of some cool scene lingo.

Scene Kid Social Networking Sites

Scene kids have a mastery of social networking moreso than their un-scene counterparts. If you are to learn how to be scene, a mastery of social networking sites is critical.

So, where do the scene kids turn for social networking?

Two places are big social networking sites for the scene scene.  Of course, these are the visual social media sites of Instagram and Pinterest:  Scene on Instagram, Scene on Pinterest.

You must have a page on one of these two–or both–and have lots of photos, a critical component of a scene kid. Because, if you want to be scene, there must be lots of pictures.

Scene Music: Types of Scene Music

Scene music is difficult to define because the very essence of scene music is that it cannot be defined. Scene kids love to find obscure music and be the first to identify it.

If we want to investigate the general type of music that scene kids listen to, it is a distinct hybrid between rock, pop, techno, and even some rap and hip hop. Scene kids will not go around embracing the latest top ten songs because this, by definition, is to mainstream for them.

So, when you are learning how to be scene, the important thing is to find out what music your other scene friends are listening to. What type of genre do other scene kids like? Then, instead of copying exactly what they like, you will want to find similar artists in that genre and identify something that you really like. You have to really like it though. If not, you will quickly be outed as a poser–someone trying to be scene but someone who is really not.

You will also want to explore your local music scene. Scene kids love to find new shows (never call it a concert!) and, if you find great, unknown, local bands, you will truly be identified in the scene.

Being scene is about being unique and expressing yourself. Find new music in the punk, rock, techno or rap genre that you really love and introduce to others. This is how to truly be a master of scene music.

How to Be Scene Videos

While we saw some pictures of scene kids above, here are many how to be scene videos. These videos are all about scene fashions, scene looks, and, most importantly, scene character.

As you watch these videos, it is important to remember not to copy other scene kids. It’s about viewing what these scene kids do, what they look like, and how they behave and then finding out how you can implement your own personal style into the scene.

Below each video, you will find a description and review of the video. To watch the video, simply click the play link and the video will start.

How to Be Scene in 2020

Mad Molly, who has been scene for over 5 years and can’t get enough oof it, takes you through what it is like to be scene in 2020.

How to be scene tutorial

AmberKatelynBeale, who was once a scene girl, got many requests to return to her scene days and thus walks us through a how to be scene tutorial.

Things Scene Kids Say

As mentioned above, Scene kids have their own language and, in this video, we find out just what that is: “This isn’t a phase. It’s who I am.”

How to be a REAL Scene Queen (in 7 steps)

If you want to know how to be a scene girl, this video is for you. It talks about the 7 essential elements of being a scene queen. Take note of the spelling in the first step. Originality is key! This video lasts just over 5 minutes and is done in a music video style with lots of photos of teen scene girls.

How To Do Scene Makeup & Hair

The four minute video takes girls through the process of doing their scene hair and makeup. You will find out how to take you from your everyday look to your scene look in no time as we see this girl go from her everyday self to an amazingly hot scene queen. Take a look at all of the other videos too on the right side of the screen as well as many of them address how to do your scene makeup and hair.

The Guide To Becoming a Scene Kid

This 5 minute video talks about all the things that you need to do to lead the ultimate scene existence. Make sure you have all of the points covered and you will have truly mastered how to be a scene girl or boy.

Reactions to Scene Kids

When you become involved in the scene, you will realize that some people do not like it. Scene kids look different than other kids and many people, especially grown-ups, may think that you look or act ridiculous.

For example, one mom claims that “Being a scene kid is hurting my daughter and me. How do I change her?” There will be many parents who want to change you and don’t understand your behavior…especially if you are extreme scene with piercings and such.

However, your parents need to know that being scene is much different than begin Goth or Emo.

Being scene is about self-expression and does not have the negativity associated with these other movements. It is important not to be rebellious. Rather, it is important to embrace yourself and your confidence in being scene.

As well, when you have to explain to your parents about being scene, you can know that you are not alone. There are many kids out there in your exact situation. As a reference, check out the article called How can I describe the ‘scene style’ with out my parents freaking out? which addresses one girl’s challenge as she tries to explain the scene look to her parents. There are many others out there in your situation…trying to explain the scene look to their parents. Seek them out and they will help you.

Often, the commentary goes well beyond simply criticism to downright venom. In another rant about scene kids, we find people complaining about the scene fashion choices and the scene kids:

“…Listen guys, you might as well move up from womans jeans to dresses. there isnt that much of a difference and you are already halfway there…its the dumbest haircut ive ever scene, its straight from flock of seagels…I hate them all, my city is infested with them complaining and wearing make up and shit, its weird and i cant wait till they all grow out of it. gross, i cant express how much i hate these kids.”

It’s important that you do not hate these people back even though they are criticizing your choices. You can rise above the criticism by talking with people and confidently explaining your choices.

To be scene cool is to know and love who you are.

How to Be Scene: Summary

On this page, we have taken a comprehensive look at the scene scene.

First, the look is very important. As we see in the photos above, scene boys and girls have unique, teased hairstyles often with streaks of color and bangs.

Second, you must embrace the scene fashion if you want to really learn how to be scene. Baggy jeans are a thing of the past. You will want to wear tight jeans and creative often colorful outfits.

Thirdly, music is an all-important element of being scene. Find out what other scene kids are into to guide your choices and then seek out the sound that you like. Introducing your own music into the scene is a critical component of learning how to be scene.

Fourthly, and most importantly, is the scene attitude. Being scene is about being unique but being yourself. Never be a poser! Find what you like, share it with others, and enjoy it.

When you master these four things, you will have truly mastered how to be scene!

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