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In these days of automatic transmissions, many of us have no idea how to drive a stick shift, or manual transmission. However, you will be faced with driving a stick shift someday, and so you need to learn how to drive a stick shift.

If you are a beginning driver who wants videos on how to drive a stick shift, or an experienced driver interested in learning to drive a stick shift, this page is for you. We bring you how to videos on how to drive a stick shift for free.

In fact, if you like to travel, you may not have any choice. For example, if you rent a car in Uruguay, you may not have a choice. Most of the rent-a-cars there are all manual transmission.

There are many other reasons to learn to drive a stick shift. If you enjoy driving, many people will tell you that driving a manual transmission car gives you much more control and that a true driver never buys automatic. Thus, many car aficionados will never buy an automatic transmission.

Also, manual transmissions cars are always less expensive than their automatic counterparts and get better gas mileage. So, if you learn how to drive a stick shift, you will always be able to save money on a car.

It’s simple. Driving a stick shift is one of those “life things” that you need to know. Thus, we have set out to find you all the best videos on how to drive a stick shift. Use these videos as a basis for learning to drive a manual transmission. Of course, after you watch them, you will want to practice before you hit the open road.

Let’s get started.

Videos On How To Drive A Stick Shift

Below, you will find all of the best Internet videos on How To Drive A Stick Shift. Simply click the links to launch the video in its own window. Enjoy the shows!

Introduction to Manual Transmissions : Learn to Drive a Stick Shift

This instructional series from Rob Albino of Expert Village is one of the best videos available on how to drive a manual transmission. Rob starts the series presenting a common case scenario: A friend lends you their car and you quickly find out that it is a manual transmission. This is a GREAT reason to learn how to drive a stick shift. If you cannot drive a manual transmission, you may not be able to borrow your friends car in times of need.

In this video, Rob presents driving a manual transmission is a clear, fluid, and friendly way. You will find this video very informative and it will get you going quickly!

Getting Moving: Learn How to Drive a Stick Shift: Manual Transmission Lessons

In this video from Expert Village, Rob continues his series on driving a manual transmission car. This video will show you how to “get moving” and begin driving your new stick shift car. As mentioned above, Rob is an easy going instructor and you will learn a lot from this video. As you follow this link, check Rob’s entire video series on driving a stick shift…it is very good!

YouTube Video on Driving a Stick Shift: A Porsche No Less

In this video on YouTube, we are provided with a quality video on driving a manual transmission. This is a short 3-minute video with a quality overview on learning to drive a stick shift. It takes you through the basics of shifting, where to practice, and things to avoid like riding the clutch. It’s also a fun video. Recommended.

And the car? It’s a Porsche! Your manual transmission is probably not a Porsche…but we can dream, can’t we? 🙂

YourTube Video: How to drive a stick shift instructional movie

This is another video from YouTube by a student who did a video DVD on how to drive a stick shift car. As a reason for learning to drive a stick shift, he adds…”it will help you get the babes.” Well, we don’t know about that, but we do know that his car would get the babes…yes, another Porsche!

This is a quality video with detailed explanations about driving a stick shift car. The video is a little grainy but the information is good and it will get the point across.

An Amateurs Video: With Video Game Illustrations

Should we include this video here? Maybe not. But we have to give the amateurs a shot, right? In this video, we are taught to drive a manual transmission through various means…including video games, which may not be a bad way to go. Anyway, this is not professionally done, but you may find something interesting.

A Short Film About Driving a Stick with a Couple of Homeboys

Want really bad acting? A couple of hipsters? And some embarrassment about not knowing how to drive a stick? Then this video is for you. It’s an informative, fun, low-brow, dude-type video on how to drive stick shift. Check it out!

How to Drive A Manual with Stephen Tabaquin

In this video from YouTube, Stephen takes us through driving a stick shift using his Mazda Miata in this 9-minute. This is an amateur video but Stephen is a pretty good teacher. Plus, he throws in a little hip-hop to jazz it up like a music video. Take a look…you might enjoy it.

Learn How To Drive A Stick Shift: Articles

As always, we provide some links to text-based articles for those of you who prefer to read, rather than see, how to drive a stick shift.

Text with Graphics on Driving a Stick: This website, called, is dedicated to one thing…driving stick 🙂 They provide good explanations in a clear format on how to drive a manual transmission car.

A Text Tutorial on Learning to Drive Stick: This is a simple, concise but very detailed page on learning to drive a stick. If you do not like bells and whistles and want straightforward information, this page is for you. Presents How to Drive a Manual Transmission: On t his page, you will learn soup-to-nuts about how to drive a stick shift. Starting with preparation and ending with advanced shifting techniques, this page has all the text-lovers need on how to drive a stick shift car.

How To Drive A Stick Shift: Summary

Everybody needs to know how to drive a manual transmission. We have articulated the benefits throughout this article: lower price on your car, more control over your auto, gas savings, emergency situations when you have to borrow a car but it is a stick shift, renting a car and driving in foreign countries, and of course, the fact that knowing how to drive a stick shift is a life “must-know”.

On this page, we have combed the Internet and referenced all of the available, quality videos for you to learn how to drive a stick shift. Though it is possible to learn how to drive a stick shift online, you will still need some real world practice. Check with your friends or family members who have a stick shift to see if they will take you out to an empty parking lot so that you can practice what you have learned.

One visitor asked: “If I want to buy a stick shift car, but do not know how to drive one, how long will it take?”

This is a great question. Most people can learn to master a stick shift in 1-3 days. So, you can buy that less expensive stick shift but just make sure to get in some practice before you drive it home from the dealership 🙂

We hope that this page on How To Drive A Stick Shift a stick shift has been beneficial. If you have videos that you would like to add to this page, simply include them in the comments below so that people can find them.

Thanks and good luck in learning to drive a stick shift. You’ll figure it out in no time!

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