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How To Learn How To Draw

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In this article, we will review how to learn how to draw. Like everything, learning how to draw takes effort and we will present you with all of the tools that you need to begin learning how to draw.

Am I an expert drawer? Absolutely not! I am someone just like you, someone who is on a quest to learn how to draw.

What I am, however, is someone who is very good at finding what is best on the Internet and today I am going to find the best places where you can begin your drawing quest.

Most of us are searching for solutions on the Internet rather than enrolling in a school. If you’re motivated, the information is out there. Today, as we look at how to learn how to draw, we are going to find the best how to videos and how to articles so that we can get started.

Once we find these resources, you can then take out your pencil and drawing pad and begin learning how to draw.

I know that many of you out there simply think “I cannot draw.” While drawing is a talent towards which people seem to be predisposed, the rest of us have to learn how to draw. We did not come out of the womb envisioning and drawing wonderful photos.

However, if you are on this page, it means that you are motivated and up for the challenge to learn how to draw. This is the first step in overcoming your perceived inability to draw. The second step is practice…and lots of it.

So, on this page we are first going to take a look at the best videos that teach people how to draw. With each video, I will provide a review of the video so that you can determine if you want to view it. Following that, I will point you to beneficial articles that will teach you how to draw.

So, let’s see what is out there. Grab a pencil and a drawing pad and follow along.

How To Learn How To Draw: How to Videos

Below, you will find links to the most quality videos available that will enable you to learn how to draw. I have filtered through all of the junk videos and am only bringing you the best learning to draw videos.

To watch the videos, simply click the blue link and the video will launch in its own window. Below each link you will find my reviews of the videos with comments on the content, time, and quality of the how to draw video.

Drawing Lessons : Learn How to Draw Step-by-Step

This video comes from YouTube and is authored by Joel Hickerson. In this 3:39 minute video, Joel walks us through his drawing process as he draws a parrot. This is a good video to illustrate the drawing process and to see how cool you will be when you how to learn to draw.

Figure Drawing Head: Video Course Lesson One

This course comes from Mitch at DrawingCoach.com, a truly wonderful place to learn to draw. This video teaches you how to draw a head, which after all is not a bad thing to start with. Mitch is extremely patient and this video will guide you through the technical details on outlining and drawing a head. Below this video, you can sign up for a free How To Learn How To Draw video course which I fully recommend–it definitely helped me 🙂

Learn to draw EYE SIDE VIEW (FEMALE, WOMAN) step by step

This video comes from a website called IDrawGirls.com…not a bad hobby if I do say so myself. In this 5 minute video, we learn to draw an eye from a profile view. The creator does this on a computer, which some people did not like. I, however, found it kind of easy to follow along.

Learn to Draw Portraits – Ep.1 Introduction

This video comes from Jason of somewhere called Ecletic Asylum Art. I like that name and the creator of the video. When you make learning fun, it’s easier to learn, as least for me. Jason accomplishes this in his how to learn how to draw videos. A word of caution though: Jason likes to opine about his art, so be prepared for a monologue as well as the lessons. I am linking to this first video, but this is part I of a series–take a look on over to the right side of the screen for the future parts. If you have the patience to watch the series, you will be enlightened in the end.

Learn To See, Learn To Draw

This short 3 1/2 minute video comes to us from Larry Withers and is called “Learn to See, Learn to Draw”. This is a high-level video about how to see objects so that we have the ability to draw them. Larry then takes us through how to implement these ideas by placing tracing paper over an actual picture and drawing the shapes that we recognize. All in all, a very good quick video with beneficial artsy thoughts.

Professional Drawing Tutorial

In this video by “The Artist”, we learn how to draw an eye REALLY fast. At 1 1/2 minutes, it’s like a quick music video. You’ll want to watch this to see how good you can become, but it might be too fast to learn anything from. After viewing, go back to the beginner drawing lessons 😉

Learn to draw BODY muscle torso superhero type man

In this video, we learn how to draw a man’s torso, albeit that of a Superhero type man. This 5 minute video comes to us again from the “I Draw Girls” author…he apparently also draws superheros. He does his work on the computer but I like his “live-drawing” method as it is very beneficial to see this drawing happening in real time.

Learn to Draw – Form – Shape – Light and Shade

This is a very professional video coming to us from artist Ron Lemen. He takes us through the importance of shape and light and slowly illustrates this through live-drawings from which we can learn very much. Ron is someone who gives us very deliberate, well-explained lessons…check out his other videos here.

How to Draw a Hand (With Spoken Explanation)

In this video, Mark Crilley teaches us how to draw a hand in just under 10 minutes. Mark provides very clear cut explanations as he teaches us how to learn how to draw. The video quality is a little dark but well worth the watch. Be sure to view over to the right of the screen for Mark’s other videos which are all quality but a bit Manga obsessed…you’ll see.

How to Draw the Profile of a Mans Face

This is the least exciting of all the videos but I think that you will find it useful. It lasts for 3 long minutes as the artist very slowly teaches us to learn how to draw the profile of a man. Follow along with this video an you’ll be drawing profiles in no time.

Well, that wraps it up for the video section. There are certainly many more videos out there but they are character specific, like how to draw spiderman. After you have finished with these basic videos, you will be ready for that next step.

Learning How To Draw Articles

Below, you will find links to the best articles on how to draw. I realize that some of you prefer to read content rather than watch videos and that is why I provide this section.

To view the page, simply click the link and the article will appear in it own window.

Drawing Coach: The Drawing Coach wins my award for best overall drawing site. It teaches you how to draw just about anything in a clear and concise way. Also, as mentioned above, the videos are the best that you will find!

Learn To Draw: This is the drawing site that I like best. From the very beginning, they tell you how to think like a drawer. You will learn to see things in a slightly different light that really teaches you how to learn how to draw very well. After getting down the proper mindset, the site is filled with examples that will have you learning to draw in no time.

Drawing Now: Often times, I like to try to draw something even if I don’t yet know the proper technique. I like to get my feet wet and jump right in. This sites has lots of tutorials on drawing characters, cartoons, and people. So if you want to jump right in and give it a try, learn to draw and DrawingNow.com.

Artists Helping Children: This site is meant for kids but grownups may like it too. I know sometimes I feel like a kid when I am trying to draw something. So, if you want to start from scratch or get your kids involved in learning to draw, this page is for you!

Drawing Secrets: And last, but certainly not least, we have a site called Drawing Secrets. This site gets my nod as it is very clearly laid out with well-written instructions. Plus, you can get a FREE e-book which is definitely a going to teach you how to learn how to draw better!

How to Draw: Summary

Like many of you, I am not a natural born artist but I really wanted to know how to learn how to draw.

For me, I want to learn to draw for two reasons: (1) I am often called upon to draw diagrams and my renditions are often not up to par. In fact, sometimes they are downright pitiful. And, secondly, I am a naturally curious person who simply wanted to know how to learn how to draw.

Above, we have located all the best how to draw videos and articles. After reviewing these, you should have a good reference to learn to draw and now it just takes practice, practice, practice.

You can also learn other great skills on our site including how to dance, how to make money online, how to play golf, and much, much more.

Thanks for visiting ThisIsHowYouDoIt.com, your home for how to do stuff 🙂

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