How To Make Animated, Professional Web Banners For Free

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In this article, I will tell you how to make web banners for your website or advertising campaigns quickly, easily, animated, and for free.

I was just chartered with the job of creating web banners for a product and the task was daunting. First, the “creative arts” are not exactly my strong suit. What color goes well with orange? How do I know? Secondly, you need a good bit of graphics know-how (think Adobe Photoshop) to create very nice looking web banners. So, essentially, I lacked the basic skills to create effective, nice looking web banners.

Thus, I searched for companies that could do this. Well, they all want a lot of your money to create web banners.

However, in my searching, I found two companies that allow you to create web banners for free.

The first company that allows you to do this is called Initially, I liked this site until I realized that they keep their little promotional logo in your ads…unless you want to pay. Well, I did not want their logo on my ad and I did not want to pay to create my web banner. I wanted to create my web banner for free.

Enter This site allows you to create very cool looking web banners at no cost and without any imposing logo of theirs on your web banner. The site contains pre-designed templates that you can use so that you do not have to be a graphic artist to create professionally looking web banners. The site also allows you to create static web banners, or more impressively, animated web banners and it’s all free.

The thing that struck me most about was the professionalism of the site. Most free banner sites are unprofessional at best and downright shady at their worst installing bogus software and inundating you with worthless ads. does none of this.

Since I was looking at how to make web banners that looked professional and did not take a lot of time, I was particularly interested in the learning curve necessary to create these animated web banners. Surprisingly, the process was very simple as the interface to create your web banners is intuitive and easy to comprehend after a few minutes.

As I mentioned above, it typically takes a good bit of technical understanding to create web banners and knowledge of a program such as Photoshop is not the only requirement. You may know how to create banners and graphics, but your creation may end up looking horrible because you lack that artistic gene.

With, lack of these technical skills is unimportant. The only thing that you need to do is create some catchy headlines and you are done.

I will create an example for you. Let’s say I want to promote the page on this site called how to carve a pumpkin by creating a simple, professional animated web banner using To show you how quickly this can be done, I will start now at 1:10pm and post the time it took me under the banner.

Learn How To Carve a Pumkin

Ok, to create the animated web banner above, it took me all of 5 minutes; it’s now 1:15pm. Just imagine how professional you could make your web banner if you took a little more time.

Basically, to create a web banner with, you do the following:

  • Visit the site.
  • On the home page, choose “start now”.
  • Choose your template and follow the instructions.
  • Then, your new web banner will be emailed to you and you can then download it and place it anywhere that you would like.

Of course, the more sophisticated that you would like to get, the more time you will have to take to make your web banner. But, remember this. The rewards of spending forever on your web banner are not always improved. Sometimes the simple, professional static web banner does the trick even better!

How To Make A Web Banner: Conclusion

After endless searching and repeated efforts to be a graphic artist, I found that the easy way to learn how to make a web banner for free and professionally is by using

So now, you can make professional web banners in a jiffy! Go ahead and give it a try.

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Richard CummingsHow To Make Animated, Professional Web Banners For Free

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