How To Style Your Hair

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Welcome to our How To Style Your Hair page! Here you will find all sorts of videos on how to style your hair to look your best. From hairstyles that compliment face shapes to medium lengthy bobbed hairstyles, you will find a video that allows you to be your most beautiful.

How To Style Your Hair Videos

Below, you will find all of the best Internet videos on How To Style Your Hair. Simply click the links to launch the video in its own window. Enjoy the shows!

How to Maintain Hair Extensions

Watch this video to learn how to maintain hair extensions.

How To Layer Your Hair

This is a great video from on how-to layer your hair.

How to Score a Supermodel Style

Watch this girl as she teaches how to do a supermodel Poof!

How to get a sleek hairstyle

Watch Ricardo, a hairstylist from Ford modeling, as he teaches you how to make your pony-tail look slicked back with a certain taste for 60’s hairstyles.

Short Hair Styles for Women

Watch this video on short hair styles for women to learn to have great short her like the Victoria Beckham trendy bob hairstyle.

How to Cover Gray Hair

From public salon in New York, watch this video on how to cover your grey hairs.

A Guide to African American Hairstyles

Watch this video on great African American Hairstyles such as black weave and braid hairstyles or hairstyles for braided hair extensions.

Tips on Relaxing African-American Hair

Watch these great tips on relaxing African-American hair including a few beauty discount hair products that you may find effective for straightening your hair.

Dress Up Your Ponytail in Style

Another hairstylist from Ford artists teaches you how to dress up your ponytail in style!

How to Find the Perfect Hair Color for You

Great video on finding the perfect hair color for you. It discusses hairstyles that compliment face shapes and especially skin tones.

From Wet Hair to Done Hair in 5 Min

Surprisingly good video on about how to get your wet hair done and looking great in 5 min.

The Toni Clothes Pin Shag

Want a shag haircut hairstyles shag without all the effort, watch this product endorsement from the online shopping network.

Hair Styling – Styling Naturally Curly Hair

This video from addresses syling naturally curly hair.

Hair Styling – Blow-Drying to Reduce Volume

Mona, from lofty salon, shows you how to reduce volume when blowdrying curly or thick course hair.

Styling Your Hair

This video shows you how to blow dry your hair to achieve volume and fullness.

How to: Give a French braid a new twist

How do you do twist hairstyles? Watch Ricardo as he shows you how to give a French braid a new twist.

How To Style Your Hair: Conclusion

We hope that you have enjoyed these videos on How To Style Your Hair. If you would like to add videos to this page, simply place them in the comments below!

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    Ah, now I know how to French braid. I loved that video. Cheers for the great collection of hair videos. We girls need these!

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