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How To Merge Two Faces Into One and See The Results

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article on merging two facesToday, I am going to tell you how to merge two faces.

I had this idea as I began writing an article for A Rich Idea about Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger dating. I thought: “What would a baby look like between Miley and Patrick?” Hopefully, by the end of this post, I will have successfully accomplished this.

But, what a fun concept in general! Want to know what a baby would look like between you and your boyfriend or potential boyfriend? Think you have a shot with Angelina Jolie and want to know what your baby would look like? Or, you may want to simply enjoy yourself merging two random people and seeing what the results look like. No problem on any of these…just merge faces.

And my goal today is to merge the faces of Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger . So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Morphing Two Faces Into One: Getting Started

First, I visited a site called Morph Thing as you see in the photo below and I am going to click the Start Morphing button.

Merging faces at Morph Thing Allows You To Merge Faces

After clicking the button, I get the choice of merging pre-existing images of famous people that already exist on the site or I can upload my own, which is what I will do. First, I need to find a “clear front-facing photo” of the two.

Wow, Miley Cyrus has so many different looks. Which one to merge? Here’s an idea: Let’s go for two merges (one with current Miley and one with younger Miley) and see if the results are the same or different. Note: When searching for images, add “close-up” to the search to get the best images to morph.

Here are the first two photos selected:

Miley Cyrus Closeup

Miley Cyrus Closeup

Patrick Schwarzenegger Close-Up

Patrick Schwarzenegger Close-Up

These are two pretty good looking peeps and should make a hot looking merge, no?

Uploading the Merged Faces

So, now that we have some nice close-ups for the merging of faces, let’s continue. I am going to click the browse button and then click upload to load the two images to the site and see what happens.

uploading merged content

Browse & Upload Photos

After upload, I had to click on the top, bottom, left, and right of the face to let the program know where exactly the face is in the picture.

After uploading the first photo, it doesn’t automatically direct you to upload a second face. I presume this is because a lot of people just want to morph their face with an existing famous person on the site. However, since we have two faces to upload, we click the start morphing button on top to upload Patrick’s face.

Now, you need to choose the faces that you have uploaded and they can be found under the “Prepared Images” tab below. This was not readily evident and should probably be called “Your Uploads” or “Your Images” but it’s not. So, we click the two “Prepared Images” as you see below:

Prepared Images Contains Your Uploads

Prepared Images Contains Your Uploads

Viewing the Merged Image Results

After selecting the photos, I can choose to just go ahead and “Morph” the photos or choose “Morph Baby” which tells me what their child would look like.

I’m going to choose the regular “Morph” button first…and here is the result:

Miley & Patrick Merged

Miley & Patrick Merged

Very interesting. And, do you see this “Morph This Image” choice? That will allow you to merge your already morphed photo with someone else. That could be fun too…you’ll end up with like a “multi-morph”–many people combined into one.

But, now, let’s see what the baby pic would look like (I had to start over to do this). When you do this, you must select their ethnicity. I’m off to WikiPedia to verify the ethnicity of each. Everybody is a blend these days…what should I choose? Well, it appears my choices are pretty limited as you see in the photo below:

ethnicities to morph

I’ll choose Caucasian for both. Now, you can choose a boy or girl or simply click morph without a gender choice, which is what I did. And…the results are in:

morphed baby photo 1

A Cute Baby?

What a great way to see what your child would look like!

Now, let’s see what the other two photos would create. By the way, as I am doing this, the site shows me as “logged in” but I have no idea how…I have not entered any information. Will these pictures be here if I close my browser? More on that later…

For now, here are the results of the other two photos, where Miley and Patrick are younger (and when Miley was so cute):

second merged photo

Miley & Patrick: Different Pics, Same Result?

So, what would their second baby look like? Here we go:

morphing baby pics

Morphed Baby: Second Result

Morphing/Merging Two Faces: Conclusion

What a fun little endeavor morphing faces is!

As you use the best site to do this–, you come up with so many scenarios that would be fun to try and you can see different results when you upload different photos of the same people as I’ve done above.

The key here seems to be finding impeccable images to upload–the higher quality of the source, the higher the accuracy of the merged faces. As they say, “garbage-in, garbage-out”.

So, what happens to the photos that I have uploaded if I leave the site? Well, here goes…I closed the browser and then reopened it and the site still retains my photos. This means that they must have placed some sort of cookie on my system which is fine. However, cookies often get deleted over time so you may want to “Register” your account by clicking that link in the top right.

But what fun. I can think of so many entertaining uses for this, both merging the faces of famous people and merging the faces of my friends and family.

How accurate are these merged images?

Well, one fun thing to do with your friends would be to test with a couple who has a newborn. Find two great close-up pictures of them, merge the photos to get a good baby pic, and then go look at their real baby to see if the results are similar.

However you use this new technology to merge and morph faces together, I promise you one thing: You will have fun doing it!

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Richard CummingsHow To Merge Two Faces Into One and See The Results

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