How To Setup A Wireless Home Security Camera

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how-to-setup-a-wireless-home-security-cameraIn this article, we are going to tell you how to setup a wireless home security camera.

Web based wireless home security cameras are not expensive, fairly easy to install, and they allow you to keep watch over your home at a reasonable price. If you are interested in setting up a wireless home security camera, this article is for you.

Why To Setup a Wireless Home Security Camera

To protect their homes, most people have setup standard alarm systems that will sound off when the home has been broken into. Often, with more advanced systems, these will also trigger an alarm that is directly connected to the police station. This ensures that local law enforcement will come by the house to ensure that everything is safe.

However, existing alarms are often reactive. They do not catch the person who has broken into your house. Rather, they simply deter them for staying for too long. On top of that, you often have very little chance of ever catching the perpetrator and you are left wondering if they will return and break into your home again.

Feeling safe in your own home is one those things in life that is non-negotiable. If you cannot feel safe in your own home, you probably shouldn’t be there.

One thing that allows you to feel much safer in your own home, and know what is going on at all times, is a wireless home security camera. These cameras now come in all prices to fit any budget. Wireless security cameras for your home not only take live video of many rooms at one time, they can also contain a DVR. Just as you record DVR programs, these quality home cameras can record every ounce of video to a hard drive. Thus, you will not only know when someone has entered a room, you can identify them.

Break-ins are not the only reason to learn how to setup wireless security cameras in your home. There are many other good reasons for getting security cameras in your house. Not only do they allow you to identify someone who has broken into your house, they also often will prevent intruders in the first place. One thing that potential intruders hate is recordings of their activity. Simply by advertising that you have built-in security cameras, you prevent several break-ins. In this way, home security cameras serve as proactive crime prevention as opposed to simply reactive, like the home security system that you probably have installed at the moment.

There are other, simpler reasons that I enjoy our wireless camera security setup. My simpler reason is our two kids. Many of us have baby monitors so we can hear the sounds of our children. Well, just as we prefer TV to radio, we prefer video to just sounds. With a click on our laptop, my wife and I can quickly see how the kids are doing in their rooms. Are they simply making noises in their sleep or is there a real problem? All of these problems can be quickly identified and dealt with. My wife and I sleep much better after having placed a wireless security camera in our kids room.

Wireless Home Security Camera: What To Look For

Before you set out to buy a wireless security camera for your house, you should know what you personally want to have in your home video surveillance camera. My wife and I jotted down the following five requirements that we wanted in our wireless security camera system.

First, the system must be wireless. This was a “personal limitation” of mine as I did not want to have to string wires all over the house to each camera. We figured this requirement should not be that difficult as there are many options today that will connect to the wireless Internet you already have in your house.

Second, you need to determine the amount of security cameras that you require. We wanted to have a minimum of 3 cameras that connected to the system. The first camera would go into our little girls room so that we could watch them to make sure that they are always safe and sound. Second, we wanted to have a camera within the house that we place where many of our valuables are. And finally, we wanted one camera that could point outside so that we could always ensure the safety around the boundary of our house.

Our third requirement in this web camera is that it be web based and viewed from any location in the world. We did not want anything to technical. We simply want to be able to pull up the best Internet browser and be able to look at each of the web-based wireless security cameras quickly.

Fourth, we wanted a DVR on the camera. As mentioned above, what good is a camera going to be if you cannot record from it? For example, let’s say you see someone snooping in your house. If you have no ability to record that video, you will not be able to catch and report the person.

Fifth, and finally, we wanted the wireless security cameras to have the ability to capture audio as well as video. This is primarily for our little girls as it enables us to hear whether they are crying, laughing, or making no noise. Video without audio is like the old motion pictures…it’s just not enough. Thus, audio was one of our requirements as well.

In summary, our five requirements before purchasing and learning how to setup a wireless home security camera are: (1) Wireless to work with our existing wireless Internet and easy to install. (2) Minimum of 3 cameras ideally in one system. (3) Wireless camera must be web-based–no learning complicated software. (4) Must have recording capabilities in a DVR like fashion. And (5), the cameras must have audio as well as video.

Web Based Wireless Security Camera: Our Choice

Once you jot down your requirements, it’s time to hit the store and see what matches your requirements. In the end, we found a couple of options that matched all of our requirements listed above. Here is a list of the two we narrowed it down to:


Both of these items have received stellar reviews and will protect our household.

The first option is less expensive and expansive but it works great for the smaller household. The Heimfeld, the second option, is slightly more expensive but comes with several more cameras for comprehensive protection in larger spaces.

Setting Up a Wireless Home Security Camera: Summary

Most of you probably have alarms in your homes. However, these alarms are too reactive and only provide an alarm noise; these alarms inform you after an intrusion has taken place and do not provide you with any other recourse for preventing future intrusions because there is no video.

Wireless home security cameras are a great way to augment your current alarm system. They allow you to capture images to DVR so that you can see what is going on in and around your house from anywhere in the world. Also, as I mentioned, my wife and I love to use ours to monitor our children through both an audio and video stream.

In the end, it is not that difficult to learn how to setup a wireless home security camera and we hope this article has helped you in your quest to purchase and setup a new wireless home security camera.

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