How To Be Fashionable

Great fashion is timeless. Let this page be your guide if you want to learn How To Be Fashionable. From the fashion of the 1910’s to the eighties to now, you’ll find many styles to suit your taste.

Richard CummingsHow To Be Fashionable

How To Style Your Hair

Here you will find all sorts of videos on how to style your hair to look your best. From hairstyles that compliment face shapes to medium lengthy bobbed hairstyles, you will find a video that allows you to be your most beautiful.

Richard CummingsHow To Style Your Hair

How To Apply Makeup

This page is filled with great How To Apply Makeup videos. Here, you will find great videos on a variety of topics such as how to apply makeup for coloring, professional ways to apply makeup, how to appy dark makeup, apply mineral makeup, and unique techniques on how to apply makeup for African American women.

Richard CummingsHow To Apply Makeup