How Do I Download Songs Onto iTunes

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how-do-i-download-songs-onto-itunesAfter purchasing an iPod, many people then ask, “How Do I Download Songs Onto iTunes?” because they have existing music and want to know how to get it into iTunes and then onto their iPod.

When people are first told that they need to use iTunes with their iPod, the first question people want answered is  How Can I Get Free Itunes For My Ipod?  Well, you are in luck because iTunes is a free program that you can simply download and install.  To do this, click here to install the latest version of iTunes.

Now, we have iTunes installed but we do not yet have any music present.  So, let’s answer the question how do i download songs onto iTunes?

As we always do at, your home for how to videos, we will find the best videos that address this topic.  Following that, we will present you will good text-based articles on how do i get my songs on iTunes for people who prefer to read about the topic rather than see it through video.

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How Do I Download Songs Onto iTunes: How To Videos

Below, you will find all of the best Internet how to videos on How Do I Get My Songs On iTunes. Simply click the links to launch the video in its own window. Enjoy the shows!

How To Add Song To iTunes Library – Tutorial

How to add a new song to your iTunes playlist/library.

How to Import Music to iTunes

This guide will show you how to manually add music and MP3s to your iTunes music library instead of using Apple Music or Spotify.

How to Download iTunes to your computer and run iTunes Setup – Newest Version 2019

When you view this video tutorial on how to download iTunes to your computer Windows 10, you will soon be a master.

Import Music to iTunes

Learn how to import music into your iTunes library.

How Do I Download Music On iTunes: Best Articles

We realize that not everyone wants a video and that some people prefer to print out and read the instructions on how do i get my songs on iTunes. This section is for you all. Enjoy the articles below with the requisite steps for downloading songs onto iTunes.

How to Import Songs into iTunes: This is a quality article, short and sweet, with all the steps that you need to perform to get music from a CD or your hard drive into iTunes.

iTunes and You: This is an older article but still quality. It addresses the same issue as above but also teaches you how to simply drag music into iTunes without using the Add Folder to Library Choices.

Adding Folders of Music to iTunes: You will find this page from very useful with its detailed step by step procedure on how to add your music folders to your iTunes library.

How Do I Download Songs Onto iTunes: Summary

When you buy a new iPod, you have to use iTunes to transfer music from your computer to your iPod. However, before this is done, you actually need to transfer all of your music into iTunes.

This is what we have addressed on this page. Most people are in one of two situations:

One, your music exists on CDs. We have presented several videos and text articles on how to transfer your CDs into iTunes. Be forewarned: this can be a time consuming process especially if you have lots of CDs. In fact, if you don’t want to do, there is a local company in your area who specializes in converting your CDs into MP3s.

Two: Your music exists on your hard drive. Many folks already have their music on their computer or an external hard drive. For them, it is simply a matter of importing that music into iTunes. This does not create a “duplicate copy” of the music…it simply lets the iTunes library know exactly where you have your music files stored.

Our goal was to answer the following three questions: (1) How Do I Download Songs Onto iTunes? (2) How Do I Get My Songs On iTunes and (3) How Do I Download Music On iTunes. All of these three questions are essentially the same. The goal is to get music into your iTunes and we have shown you how to do this.

Next step, read how do you transfer music to an iPod?

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