How To Download Movies from the Internet To Watch On Your TV

Written by   (author of Obvious Conclusions)  |  Date Updated: May 30, 2020

how-to-download-movies-from-the-internet-to-watch-on-your-tvIn this article, we will look at how to download movies from the Internet to watch on your TV.

For years, most of you were renting your movies at Blockbuster.  Blockbuster then had some fierce competition from Netflix, who delivered DVD movies right to your doorstep.  The convenience of this trumped having to go to the video store to rent your movies.  Plus, Netflix had a great website that provided suggestions and recommendations which people loved.  Blockbuster then implemented the same idea as Netflix but never quite caught up.

However, with each of these solutions, there was still a slight inconvenience.  You still had to receive the DVD in the mail and then send it back to get your new movies sent to you.

Now, in 2020, it seems crazy and primitive that we ever did this.

People began to wonder: “Why can’t I just download movies from the Internet?” instead of having to send a DVD back and forth.   This would be the the ultimate in convenience.

And, now, that’s what billions of us do each and everyday.

Both Netflix and Amazon Prime began offering movies online and people loved this option, including me.  As I mentioned in my review of Amazon Prime:

“For me, the savings I receive in shipping costs pays for at least half of my annual subscription. So basically, for about $59 per year, I receive unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows.”

Streaming of movies took over the world so rapidly and so recently. It seems like just yesterday that I was receiving Netflix DVDs in the mail. It was a fast and fascinating paradigm shift — read more here about how streaming started.

Instead of having a physical DVD, everybody could now just download movies.

This quickly sunk those in the DVD video rental business.  Buy buy Blockbuster!

In the beginning, these services were not as popular as today because the viewer often had to watch the movies on his or her computer, which is not near the same viewing experience as watching the movie on big LCD TV.

A few people learned How To Connect Computer to TV and thus were able to watch movies from their computer on their TV set.

However, the game quickly changed with devices that connected our TVs to the Internet, like Chromecast, Roku, or the Kindle Fire TV stick.

These devices make it incredible easy to watch the content from Amazon and Netflix on our big LCD TVs.

And Smart TVs, which connect directly to the Internet, even further enticed the streaming audience.  With the apps on Smart TVs, you simply use your remote control to have access to the endless movies from Netflix and the other growing list of streaming companies.

And because we can never be without our favorite entertainment, the convenience of streaming to our TVs led people to want to know how to watch content on their phones and tablets.

And now all the streaming services offer that as well.

Not only are we downloading movies from the Internet to TVs, we are now downloading movies to our cell phone, tablets, gaming consoles, and just about everywhere with a screen!

So, if you are still going to the video store OR having DVDs sent to your house, you’re rollin’ way old school.

Get with the times and learn How To Download Movies from the Internet To Watch On Your TV.

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Richard CummingsHow To Download Movies from the Internet To Watch On Your TV

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