How To Grip A Golf Club

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On this How To Grip A Golf Club page, we bring you great how to videos and articles on the proper golf grip.

A correct golf grip is an essential foundation to a perfect golf swing.  With the proper golf grip, you are able to properly square up the golf club at impact, a necessity for hitting the golf ball in the direction that you want.  A fundamentally correct golf grip also helps you generate power in your golf swing.  On the other hand, an improper golf grip detracts from both the power and intended direction of the golf ball.

There is not just one proper way to grip a golf club–there are many!.  The first grip is called the Vardon Overlap and is the most used grip among the best golfers.  This grip is also called the overlapping grip and allows your hands to seamlessly work together.

A variation of the overlapping grip is the interlocking grip, the second most common type of grip.  Others prefer to grip a golf club more like a baseball bat.  For many people this feels most natural.  This type of golf grip is also referred to as the ten finger golf grip.

With so many options on how to hold a golf club, which is the correct golf grip for you?  Well, grab your clubs and test each grip as we present the videos below on how to grip a golf club properly.  The correct way to grip a golf club is unique for each person.  Find out what works for you!

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How To Grip A Golf Club Videos

Below, you will find all of the best Internet videos on How To Grip A Golf Club. Each of these videos present the proper golf grip options that you should use to ensure a great golf swing.  Simply click the links to launch the video in its own window. Enjoy the shows!

How to Grip a Golf Club Correctly

The grip is one of the most overlooked fundamentals in golf, but gripping your club correctly has significant advantages.  See the proper way to grip a golf club in this professional video from

How To Grip the Golf Club Like Tiger Woods

In this 8 minute video from A Game Golf on YouTube, we find out much more than how to grip a golf club like Tiger Woods. This video falls into the amateur category but it is very informative as it illustrates in detail all the different golf grip options.

Golf Instruction – The Grip

In this video, John Lubin illustrates the importance the golf grip and talks about fundamentals of a great golf grip and also how much pressure that you should use in your golf grip.  There is more than one correct way to grip a golf club and John shows what he likes.  This is a well-done, detailed video that is worthy of viewing.

Fundamentals of a Good Golf Grip

In this video, Mark Favell shows us the keys to a good golf grip. If you need a quick answer to how to hold a golf club, this 2 minute video may just be for you as Mark delivers a quick explanation on the golf grip.

How to Golf: Grip Fundamentals

We really like this video as it provides a quick, fundamental explanation of how to grip a golf club. It’s professionally done with captions that allow you to follow along.

The Natural Golf Grip

In this video, we find a new strategy called The Natural Golf Grip. You may find this type of golf grip very comfortable as it may seem more “natural”. At just under 4 minutes, take a look and see if this is the proper golf grip for you.

The Proper Golf Grip: Articles

Many of you may want to read about the proper golf grip instead of watching video on how to hold a golf club. If this is the case, here are several articles that you may enjoy about the correct golf grip.

The Golf Grip – How to Place Your Lead Hand (Top Hand) on the Handle: You may enjoy this thorough series from They illustrate how to hold the golf grip step by step with pictures illustrating where to put your hands.

The Three Golf Grips: This article illustrates the three different types of golf grips: The Overlapping, The Interlocking, and the 10-Finger grip. Nice picture illustrations are included.

4 Steps to a Solid Golf Grip: This article from shows you four simple steps to a solid golf grip. You may like this article for both its simplicity and professionalism.

How To Grip A Golf Club: Summary

Many people begin the great game of golf without taking a lesson and end up with the wrong golf grip. Fortunately, we now have access to great online resources to learn how to hold a golf club correctly from the beginning.

As we have seen, there are several kinds of proper golf grips from which to choose. The best approach is to test each of them. Pull out your golf clubs and get a “feel” for what the correct golf grip is for you. Once you feel comfortable, you probably have found how to grip a golf club for you!

More Golf Videos

As huge golf fans, we keep up with the latest videos on how to play golf. The Internet today offers us endless free golf tips and we bring the best of them to you on our pages. Be sure to visit our how to play golf for an index of all of our golf pages.

If you have found great videos that we should add to these pages, simply place them in the comments below!

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