How to Swing A Golf Club [2020 Edition]

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how-to-swing-a-golf-clubThis page is about the golf swing…and perfecting your golf swing. On this page, you learn how to swing a golf club through proper golf swing mechanics. To improve golf your swing, we present many free, instructional videos with golf swing tips that you need to truly learn how to swing a golf club.

The truth is that many golfers do not know how to swing a golf club. Though it appears easy when we see it on TV, it takes time and repetition to learn proper golf swing techniques.

However, once you have established a proper golf swing, you are able to use that swing and rhythm throughout your entire golf game, from your driver to your sand wedge.

You have noticed that professionals golfers always employ similar golf swing mechanics on each shot. However, when we watch amateurs, each shot looks unique and inventive.

This how to swing a golf club page is designed to teach you proper golf swing mechanics so that you can improve your golf swing and shoot lower scores!

Enjoy the golf swing tip videos below!

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How to Swing A Golf Club Videos

Below, you will find all of the best Internet videos on How to Swing A Golf Club.
I have viewed and given a brief critique of each of the videos below. After spending some time with the videos on this page, I assure you that you will improve your golf swing.

Simply click the play link to launch the video. Enjoy the shows!

Video: Golf Swing Basics for Beginners

I found this 10-minute video with instructor Clay Ballard extremely helpful. After doing these drills, my swing was much more fluid and relaxed. The golf swing tips will certainly help you in your next round or practice session.

Video: The Beginners Guide to Swinging a Golf Club

This video is brought to us by Andy Proudman and Piers Ward, both PGA professionals who, in this video, teach beginners how to swing a golf club. I watched this video at the driving range recently and it helped me improve many of my golf swing fundamentals.

Video: How to Swing a Golf Club – The Complete Golf Swing Guide – Rick Shiels PGA Coach

This video comes to us from Rick Shiels, a PGA Golf Coach and Golf Professional. This 6 minute video is a great go-to reference point for your golf swing. As one user commented: “ever since I’ve been watching his videos my game has improved so much”.

How to Swing a Golf Club – The Golf Swing Made Simple!

This video focuses on the fundamentals of the golf swing and how to rid yourself of some bad habits by keeping things simple. After seeing the tennis swing analogy, one user said that it shaved 10-15 strokes off his round. Ah, the power of simplicity!

Video: How to Do a Great Golf Swing

This video provides solid, foundational information about how to perform a great golf swing. It’s an excellent place for beginner golfers to start and experienced golfers to review.

How to Swing a Golf Club Effortlessly [in 3 easy steps]

We all see golfers on TV swing the golf club so smoothly and the ball goes a country mile (see How to Drive A Golf Ball Far for more on that). So, why do amateurs always look like they’re trying to murder the ball? Check out this video for a smooth effortless golf swing.

Video: The Perfect Golf Swing Takeaway Drill

There’s an old saying: “Once Begun, Half Done.” I guess we could say the same for the golf swing. If you have a great takeaway, you’re well on your way to the perfect golf swing. Join Danny Maude in this 6 minute video as he goes through how to perform the ideal backswing.

Video: The Golf Swing – Clearing Your Hips

Hip positioning in the golf swing is a pivotal concept. And for the perfect golf swing, you need to clear your hips perfectly to manage direction and distance.

Professional Golf Swing in Slow Motion

Sometimes, you simply need to sit back and watch the experts do it.
This is a great video that shows professionals swinging the golf club in slow motion. So, watch them and…just do it 🙂

Golf Tips: What Makes Or Breaks Your Swing

As Rick says in the video, “setup and grip make your swing.” It’s all about fundamentals and this video nicely breaks down the things you must (and mustn’t) do to achieve the perfect golf swing.

The Fred Couples Golf Swing in Slow Motion at the Masters

You can probably tell that I’m a huge golf fan. And, I can’t think of a better way to close a How to Swing a Golf Club page than with a slow-mo view of the smoothest golf swing of them all — Freddy “Boom-Boom” Couples!

How to Swing A Golf Club: Summary

We hope that you have enjoyed these videos on How to Swing A Golf Club. At your home for how to videos, we absolutely love golf and create these reference pages so that you can improve your golf swing without having to pay hundreds of dollars.

On this page, we have presented many videos on How to Swing A Golf Club using proper golf swing mechanics. Refer to these golf swing tips whenever you want to improve your golf swing.

You may also be interested in other videos in the series including How to Drive a Golf Ball and How to Grip a Golf Club. These and many more videos can be found on our Golf Page called simply How to Play Golf.

Thanks for visiting us. If you would like to add videos to this page, simply place them in the comments below!

Now go out there and lower your scores!

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