How to Hit Fairway Woods [2020 Edition]

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how-to-hit-fairway-wood-hybridIf you want to know How To Hit Fairway Woods to improve your golf game, you’re in the right place.

Here you will find the best golf instructional videos and tips on how to master your fairway woods!

You know the story. It’s a par 5 and you just hit a perfect drive. You find yourself in the middle of the fairway but over 200 yards from the green.

What do you need? What does your next shot require? It requires a long shot into the green which is currently not in your bag.

You know that you only hit your fairway wood decently about one out of five times so your chances of reaching the green are slim to nil.

This needs improvement.

You need the ability to hit your fairway woods with distance and precision. This will you to drastically increase your ability to score well on par-fives and hit long part-threes.

You will be able to win your weekend bets, perhaps your local tournaments, and most of all have much more fun.

So, are you ready to get started?

Let’s take a look at all the videos that will show us how to improve our fairway wood game right now.

Videos:  How to Hit Fairway Woods

Below, you will find all of the best how to golf videos on How to Hit Fairway Woods.

I have personally selected and reviewed these videos below as I think they will help you immensely with these long shots into the green.

Simply click the play links to launch the videos. Enjoy the shows!

Video: How To Hit Pure Fairway Woods Every Time

What happens when you typically try to hit a fairway wood? Do you top it and it rolls 50 yards down the fairway or do you slice it or hook 100 yds to the right? These are problems that we all have! In this video, we learn how to hit our fairway woods purely from two PGA teaching professionals.

Video: How to Get Distance on Your Fairway Woods

Do you want to hit your 3 & 5 woods a good distance? Well, if so, you need to make solid contact. In this video, PGA professional Alex Elliott teaches us how to get distance from our fairway woods by striking the ball solidly.

Learn the 3 Keys to Hitting Fairway Woods

For many of us, the 3-wood is the most difficult shot in golf. In this video, PGA teaching professional Peter Knight shares with us the equipment we should use and the posture control we should implement to improve our fairway wood play immediately.

Video: How to Hit Your 3-Wood Consistently Every Time

We all know that consistency is the name of the game in golf. And that’s often the problem with fairway woods is that we do not hit them consistently. . In this video, PGA teaching professional Rick Shields shows us a very simple way to hit our fairway woods with astounding consistency.

Golf Lessons – Stop Topping Fairway Woods

When we mishit a fairway wood, often the problem is that we top the ball and it dribbles down the fairway or the rough. In this video, we learn how to stop topping our fairway woods.

Video: Learn How To Hit A Fairway Wood Off The Ground

One thing that we often do when we are hitting fairway woods is that we try to hit them exactly like we hit the driver. But there’s a big difference and that is we don’t tee up the golf ball in the fairway. Bus, we need to learn how to hit a fairway woods off the ground which can be very different. In this video, we learn how to hit fairway woods off the ground, which is how we have to hit them when we’re in the middle of the fairway!

Video: Sean Foley Shows Us How To Hit Fairway Woods

Renowned golf instructor Sean Foley, who for a long time was the teacher of Tiger Woods, teaches us how to hit Fairway Woods with a descending blow in this 3 half minute video which you’ll find well worth watching.

How to Hit Fairway Woods: Conclusion

I hope that you have enjoyed these videos on How to Hit Fairway Woods.

Our success with fairway woods is absolutely essential if we want to really improve our scoring on the par-fives or the long par-4 that make up many modern golf courses.

Also, many men like to play the back tees…even when their game is really not adequate to play them. And, from the back tees, we will be faced with a lot of long shots into the green and in these cases, even on the par-4s, we need to know how to hit our fairway woods to be able to reach the green and have a good chance at par.

So it’s a critically important part of our golf game to learn how to hit fairway woods and I hope this page and these videos have assisted you and will lead to better scores and a lower handicap!

If you would like to add videos to this page, simply place them in the comments below!

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