Golf: How To Improve Your Wedge Game

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how-to-improve-golf-wedge-gameWould you like to improve your golf wedge game? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

After you learn how to play golf a little bit, you probably realize that the people who can get the ball close to the hole from a hundreds yards and in score very well.

You may here them say, with a somewhat cocky attitude, “I can pretty much get it up and down from anywhere.” Well, if they can, they have a right to cocky.

While we have a great page about how to improve your short game so that you can get the ball up and down from anywhere around the green, this page focuses on the shots between 30-100 yards.

This yardage is all about a solid wedge game. Be it sand, gap, or pitching wedge — whatever your pleasure — you need to be able to knock this shot close.

Everyone knows that if you can “stick it” from 30-100 yards, your golf scores will drop dramatically.

So, let’s get to improving your wedge play so you too can get the ball up and down from the 30-100 yardage range.

Watch these how to videos to improve your golf wedge game and dramatically lower your handicap.

Golf: How To Improve Your Wedge Game Videos

Below, you will find all of the best videos on How To Improve Your Golf Wedge Game. I have personally selected these videos as I believe that, after you view them, you will be a better golfer.

Simply click the play link to launch the videos. Enjoy the shows!

Video: How to Hit 30-60 yard Wedge Shots (How To Really Spin It)

Ah, that 30-60 yard distance that has troubled you for a long time. Fret no more my friends! Learn the basics of pitching the golf ball, how to spin it, and get it close to the hole with much more frequency.

Master the Ideal Swing Technique For the 30-100 Yard Shot

The great PGA golf instructor Rick Shiels brings us this perfect swing technique for our wedge shots of 30 to a 100 yards. Hit it close every time!

How To Master The 50 Yard Pitch Shot

Get it right from 50 yards! The techniques presented in this video we’ll have you hitting it nearer to the hold every time from the 50-yard distance.

Video: Learn How To Hit Golf Wedge Shots With Backspin

You and I know that backspin on a wedge shot has a “cool factor” that is beyond great scoring. Your buddies will always ask “how’d you do that?” Well, in this 12-minute video, Rick Shiels will teach you how to get the back spin that you want on your wedge shots.

Video: Dave Pelz Tips For Consistent Wedge Play

The master of the wedge game has a name and that name is Dave Pelz. So, listen up as he teaches us ball position and swing fundamentals for consistent wedge play in this 4 minute video.

How To Play The Low, Spinning Wedge Shot

I love the low spinning wedge shot and I must confess I’m pretty good at it. In this video, we learn the techniques that make it happen!

Video: How to Practice Your Wedge Game

The golf wedge game is all about feel. And in order to feel good about it, you have to practice. This video teaches us how to properly practice our wedge game so that we can stick it with consistency.

Video: Best Wedge Shots by the Pros

If you have visited my other how to golf pages, you know I like to end with examples from the pros. In this video, we see the top 10 approach shots by the most amazing golfers on the planet. Learn from the best!

Golf: How To Improve Your Wedge Game: Conclusion

Unlike what many think, golf is not all about hitting your drives long and straight nor is it always about excellent putting on every green.

You must have confidence in every facet of the golf game to lower your golf scores.

This page has been designed to give you confidence in your wedge game with those shots between 30 and 100 yards that are so vital.

If you can find a yardage, say 75 yards, and you can always get the ball close from that distance, then your golf game will improve like you can’t imagine. Because, wherever you find yourself, just hit the ball to 75 yards and you know you can stick it and make the putt.

This is the confidence that comes from great wedge play.

Now, get out there and practice!

We hope that you have enjoyed these videos on How To Improve Your Wedge Game. If you would like to add videos to this page, simply place them in the comments below!

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