How to Swing A Golf Club

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This page is about the golf swing…and perfecting your golf swing. On this page, you learn how to swing a golf club through proper golf swing mechanics. To improve golf your swing, we present many free, instructional videos with golf swing tips that you need to truly learn how to swing a golf club.

The truth is that many golfers do not know how to swing a golf club. Though it appears easy when we see it on TV, it takes time and repetition to learn proper golf swing techniques.

However, once you have established a proper golf swing, you are able to use that swing and rhythm throughout your entire golf game, from your driver to your sand wedge.

You have noticed that professionals golfers always employ similar golf swing mechanics on each shot. However, when we watch amateurs, each shot looks unique and inventive.

This how to swing a golf club page is designed to teach you proper golf swing mechanics so that you can improve your golf swing and shoot lower scores!

Enjoy the golf swing tip videos below!

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How to Swing A Golf Club Videos

Below, you will find all of the best Internet videos on How to Swing A Golf Club. Simply click the links to launch the video in its own window. Enjoy the shows!

How to Perform the Perfect Golf Swing

We’ve all seen it: The Perfect Golf Swing. From Ben Hogan Golf Swing long ago, to Trevor Immelman winning the Masters, the perfect golf swing often seems elusive. Watch this video to pursue the elusive: The Perfect Golf Swing.

How to Get a Powerful Golf Swing

We all want to know How to Drive A Golf Ball Far as courses are made longer and longer. Plus, it’s fun to hit the ball far. In this golf swing tip video, teaching professional Michael Lamanna teaches us how to get power in your golf swing while maintaining solid golf swing mechanics. Get more power in your golf swing now!

Correct Golf Posture

Correct posture plays a vital roll in golf, putting you in position for balanced, powerful, and consistent ball striking. See some tips for correcting and perfecting your posture. As the instructor says at the end of the video, the “setup writes the script for the swing”. This 1 1/2 video is well worth a viewing.

Golf Swing Basics

Understanding the fundamental nature of the golf swing is critical. In this short video, we are taught the proper golf swing basics that we should use on every shot. This how to swing a golf club video is perfect for those who want to get back to basics. When you find your swing getting out of control, watch this video to get it right again!

Correct Golf Ball Position

Impact is the moment of truth in golf, so placing the ball in the correct position in your stance is critical to arriving at the correct impact position. To improve your golf golf swing, this video teaches us the best posture and positioning to have a proper golf swing each time. Improve your ball striking with these golf swing tips.

Golf: Swing Instead Of Hit

A common error we all make. Our practice swing is great, but the real swing does not match it. The instructor says, “Because there is no ball in the practice swing, your muscles stay relaxed throughout the movement.” Is this true for you? It often is for me! We treat the golf ball as the enemy and try to hit it hard. In doing so, the perfect swing eludes us. Watch this golf swing tip to learn how to swing (and relax) instead of hit!

Golf: Common Mistakes At Set-Up

A critical component of positive proper golf swing mechanics is the setup. If you do not begin correctly, it will be difficult to have the perfect golf swing. This video covers just about every mistake you can make at setup: wrong grip, wrong spine angle, wrong weight distribution, and much more. Also, did you know that 90% of golfers actually aim to the right? At just under 4 minutes, you must watch this video and learn these golf swing tips to avoid common mistakes as you learn how to swing a golf club.

Golf: What Makes Or Breaks Your Swing

Do you know the absolutely critical steps to a balanced golf swing? This video introduces us to the three balance points in our body that allow for a smooth, flowing golf swing. If you are out of balance, you will have to compensate in other ways, which will completely throw your golf swing out of whack! Watch these essential components of balance to improve your swing now.

Tempo, Tempo, Tempo

You need to view this 5 minute video on tempo in the golf swing. Many people assume they need to swing slower in order to have tempo in the golf swing. Who better to learn about tempo from tnan professional instructor Jim McLean? In this video, we learn how to have better tempo to ensure a consistent proper golf swing every time.

The Perfect Golf Swing in Slow Motion–Fred Couples

Finally, I thought I would add the smoothest swinger on tour so that we can finish with “the ideal”. Watch this short video of the Fred Couples golf swing in slow motion if you want see golf swing tempo in action.

How to Swing A Golf Club: Summary

We hope that you have enjoyed these videos on How to Swing A Golf Club. At your home for how to videos, we absolutely love golf and create these reference pages so that you can improve your golf swing without having to pay hundreds of dollars.

On this page, we have presented many videos on How to Swing A Golf Club using proper golf swing mechanics. Refer to these golf swing tips whenever you want to improve your golf swing.

You may also be interested in other videos in the series including How to Drive a Golf Ball and How to Grip a Golf Club. These and many more videos can be found on our Golf Page called simply How to Play Golf.

Thanks for visiting us. If you would like to add videos to this page, simply place them in the comments below!

Now go out there and lower your scores!

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