How To Get The Best Discount Golf Tee Times Online

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In this article, I will let all of the golfer’s know how to get the best discount golf tee times online.

If you are an avid golfer and Internet user, you might know this little secret about getting golf tee times online at fantastic prices. For those who do not yet know how to get golf tee times at great prices, this article is for you.

The best golf tee times, at the best prices, at many of the best courses, can be found at You can search all of the different courses and prices in your area by clicking the link below:

Book Your Tee Time Today

I have been a user of for many, many years.

Living in San Francisco for many years, finding discount golf tee times at reasonable prices on quality courses was always a challenge. Then, along came a website called Golf707 (707 is an area code in Northern California) and this changed everything. Golf707 partnered with many of the Northern California golf courses to offer heavily discounted tee times at our favorite courses.

After myself and my buddies discovered Golf707, we never booked a tee time another way. There was no other place to go to view all of the different tee times at a variety of courses in one place. And, tee times were always 30-70% off the standard daily price.

The system has now been nationalized and made even better as purchased in 2006 and all of the other sites like them.

You pay nothing to sign up for It’s a free service to you as a user.

Let’s take a look at a sample of what GolfNow has to offer today.

sample online tee times at golf now

As you can see, the deals on this course in Northern California are fantastic. With an average savings of near 40%, you can see that it is possible to get great discount golf tee times online using

Also, notice the little golf cart emblem? Nearly all of the deals available at come with a cart…and sometimes lunch too if you’re really lucky 🙂 even deals with rain delays well. I had a tee time one rainy day in San Francisco and the weather did not allow for golf. I contacted the golf course, who then called for me and told them that the course was unplayable and to refund my money. I was surprised just how easy it was–there were actually people working behind the website!

Now that is national, I book tee times all throughout the United States. For example, my friends and I have a little golf week planned in Las Vegas two weeks from now and we booked every day of golf, every tee time, online at at great courses with great prices.

So, if you want to know how to get the best discount golf tee times online, the answer is easy:

Click here to book your tee time at

And, before you hit the course, make sure that you check out our many how to play golf pages like how to drive a golf ball, how to swing a golf club, and how to grip a golf club, all of which will have you playing much better golf.

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Richard CummingsHow To Get The Best Discount Golf Tee Times Online

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