Golf: How To Hit Your Irons

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Your approach shots between 100-200 yards are critical for a great golf score. Watch these how to videos to improve your golf iron play on the golf course.

Golf: How To Hit Your Irons, Video List

Below, you will find all of the best Internet videos on How To Hit Your Irons. Simply click the links to launch the video in its own window. Enjoy the shows!

How to Cut Your Iron Shots

Do you need to bring the ball in from the side? The only way to make this happen is to cut it. Professional golf instructor Joe Beck shows how it’s done.

Hitting Out of the Rough

You’ve landed in the rough. Don’t fret. Take Joe’s advice and get outta there! It happens to every golfer at some point in their game, but there’s a way to get out fast and not risk the rest of your round. Even Joe knows the stuck-in-the-rough blues!

Hitting The Golf Ball Off a Downhill Lie

Check out Joe’s answer to an uneven lie down a hill. You’re gonna want to hit it lower and longer, but you’re also gonna want to listen up to Joe’s pointers on how to do just that!

Hit the Knockdown Shot

I love the knockdown shot! This low shot, into the wind, keeps the ball low and in control.

Hit the Golf Ball from an Upslope Lie

If you’re on the upslope of an uneven lie, you’re gonna want to follow Joe’s advice. After showing what NOT to do, Joe demonstrates the correct form and follow through to get your shot as close as possible to its destination.

The Hook Shot

One of the toughest shots to master, yet Joe has it in the bag. You can too. With some simple pointers, Joe relays how to take aim and curve the ball over to where you want it to go. Comes in handy in the face of obstacles and oddly shaped courses.

Hitting the Ball Out of a Divot

Don’t panic, Joe will get you out of a divot. Putting a few important pointers into practice can help you avoid getting stuck in these common golf course annoyances.

The Iron Tee Shot–Master Par 3’s

Learn how to master a mid iron on a par three — how to hit down on the ball, how much to tee up the ball, and how to make a perfect divot for this shot.

The Punch Shot

Host Joe Beck teaches viewers how to successfully complete a punch shot. Joe helps viewers select the right iron and the correct amount of loft to use for this shot.

Golf: How to Hit Your Irons Conclusion

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